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2-3 Days

2 in 1 - Tea Assam Black & Darjeeling Green Wooden Box

Assam and Darjeeling Tea grows this exclusive tea at altitudes ranging from 600 to 2,000 meters. The combination of natural factors that gives both area tea its unique distinction is not found anyw..


Using incense stick has been a tradition in India since time immemorial. Whether at the time of Gautam Buddha in ancient India or Mahatma Gandhi in Modern India. we strive to deliver genuine hand craf..

Ajino Moto

Ajinomoto(Monosodium Glutamate)., the most popular ingredient flavor that enhances the food taste. In fact, you can already found that in Chinese dishes,hence popularly called the 'flavor enhancer.ori..


Very common to Indian and African and Asian cuisine, especially with lentils. A wonderful seed that adds a perky freshness to carbohydrates and lentils. The taste is strong but has a certain freshness..

Ajwain Honey

Ajwain HoneyHoney increases muscle activity, prevents digestive problems, increases immunity...

All In One

All In One. A unique blend of spices, sweet and a whole lot of crunch! Crunchy cornflakes, dried nuts, raisins and our trademark crispy namkeen combine to make this irresistible, lip-smacking snack...

Aloo Bhujia

Aloo bhujia is made of premium quality ingredients, making it a tastier snack that you can enjoy without worrying about trans fats and cholesterol. These are mildly spicy potato and gram flour noodles..




Basil, Ocimum basilicum, is a short lived annual or perennial plant in the family Lamiaceae grown for its leaves which are used as a herb. The basil plant grows from a thick taproot and has silky gree..

Bhel Puri

Bhelpuri is a savoury snack, originating from the Indian subcontinent, and is also a type of chaat. It is made of puffed rice, vegetables and a tangy tamarind sauce. Bhel is often identified with the ..

Black Pepper Corn

Black pepper is one of the world's most widely and frequently used spices all over the world. It's a warming spice India holds a supreme position in the production of pepper. The finest Indian pepper ..

Cardamom Black

Cardamom is one of the oldest spices. It has a sweet taste, flavor and aroma . Use sparingly as it has a rich flavor. The large oval-shaped black pods release a warm, aromatic flavor. Black cardamom i..

Cardamom Green

Green cardamom is a aromatic spice with a very wide range of uses. The plant has underground stems with leafy roots, large white or pale green leaves, pale green fruits and black seeds. The spice has ..

Chawanprash "Dabur"

Chyawanprash Derived from 2,500-year-old Ayurvedic formula Totally chemical-free, natural and safe Combination of herbs and plant extracts in a base of Amla fruit pulp Refined by Dabur to provide trad..
2-3 Days

Chings secret schezwan Chutney

An ingenious Desi Chinese offering from Ching’s where Sichuan peppers with pungent garlic come together in the most versatile chutney ever.Use it as a spicy dip with starters. For extra zing spread it..
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