Atta & Flour

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Cornflour (White)

Also known as Maize Flour. It is high in protein and low in fat. Corn Meal is widely used in Mexican and Creole cuisine and is also perfect for Italian Polenta, Punjabi Corn Rotis and Mexican Tortilla..

Gram Flour

Besan is the Indian name for gram flour. Besan is obtained by grinding the chickpeas very finely. It is in the form of flour and use to make various side dishes as well as fried snacks. Besan is also ..

Gram Flour (Besan)


Multigrain Flour (Atta)

Multigrain Flour (Atta) ..

Rice Flour

Rice flour is made from finely ground polished broken rice and is therefore whiter than most flours, it is particularly useful for baking Indian puddings and biscuits. Many dishes are made from the us..
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