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Black Cumin (Bunium persicum) is a plant in the family Apiaceae (parsley family). Known as black cum..
129.00 руб 120.00 руб
Fully cooked light, soft and puffy Indian whole wheat bread.   Ingredients: Whole wheat flour..
138.00 руб 125.00 руб
120.00 руб 100.00 руб
 Made from specially selected wheat flour, this is used to make chapatis, puris, parathas and t..
800.00 руб 700.00 руб
Oregano is used in meat, sausages, salads, dressings, stews and soups. In food industry, oregano oil..
80.00 руб 70.00 руб
Meat masala is a special blend of spices which are used to marinate lamb or mutton pieces or add as ..
153.00 руб 146.00 руб
83.00 руб 77.00 руб
A speciality of Western Indian, State of Gujarat. Khaman Dhokla is a popular traditional snack made ..
174.00 руб 164.00 руб
240.00 руб 230.00 руб